Choose the right Audiologist and you'll choose the best hearing aids.

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Choose the right Audiologist,

and you'll choose the right hearing aids.

About Our​ Office

Read a bit about our history.  Our tradition of exceptional care and unusual value goes back to 1983. 

Hearing is personal.  It's about people.  It's not really about products.  Of course you want hearing aids with the best technology for your needs.  That's a given.  But often two people will have the same hearing aids, yet one will be very successful and happy for years, while the other does poorly, and maybe gives up.  Why does this happen?

We bring our expertise to the best hearing aids from around the world.

As Audiologists, we believe that everyone who needs hearing help should be able to get it.  We maintain that hearing aids should be affordable to everyone.  We believe that you should not have to sacrifice quality of service and expertise for price.  We believe that hearing health is more than hearing aids.  We believe that every patient is unique and important.